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Performing Arts

Music Appreciation

In late 2018 we started on a new DVD course by Professor Robert Greenberg entitled “Music as a Mirror of History”. The Professor relates how an event in history has contributed to the music that was composed about that event. The professor’s interest in history makes the music more interesting and relevant and his knowledgeable and entertaining style keep us entertained. Some of the composers he covers are well known to us while others are not so well known so we are discovering new composers who have written music that is certainly worth repeating. After the Professor’s presentation we listen to other music of the featured composer on CD’s brought along by members of our group, or music of the featured composer that is available on the internet.

This course should finish in late 2020 and we also have another course on hand to follow.

Art-house Films

Our definition of an art-house film is any film worth talking about. Mostly our films are from members’ private DVD collections. Each session starts with a short introduction. After watching  the film, we have afternoon tea and discuss the film, then the group chooses a film for the next meeting. We are not afraid of subtitles, and our films  include selections from various “best films ever made” lists, New Zealand films, quirky films, and genre films with something special to offer: in fact, any film worth talking about.

It’s Show Time

Brighten up your days with some catchy tunes from familiar musicals, old and not so old.

This group has fun watching some of those great old favourites on DVD. If you have wonderful memories of musical shows, their lively music and colourful costumes and would love to see them again, why not join It’s Show Time. We have access to a great selection of DVDs and you are welcome to bring along some of your own favourites to share.

Singing for Fun (in Creative and Practical)