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Joining Groups

Any U3A BoI member is welcome to contact the facilitator of any group with a request to join, or if it’s full to be put on a waiting list. The facilitator will advise members when space becomes available, or notify the Group Convenor if the waiting list becomes long enough to suggest that another group be formed. 

Group Schedule – April 2023

Group Calendar – April 2023

Some groups have Swallows who go away for part of each year. Depending on how a group functions the facilitator may invite people on the waiting list to meetings when Swallows are absent.

Short term absence

Please notifiy the Group’s facilitator if you are unable to attend a meeting for two reasons:

  • The facilitator could if appropriate, invite someone on the waiting list to attend while you are away.
  • The host and facilitator know who to expect at the meeting.